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torsdag 31 maj 2018

CSI challenge #253

The lovely weather in cold Sweden has made me be outside more than inside, scrapping. But of course I wanted to participate in CSI challenge 253 (see link)  because I wanted to write the story about howI started to do scrapbooking.

So here is my LO:

And I chosed to follow the traditional way of CSI challenge. 
Here is the inspiration picture:

Colors: I used all
Evidence: Solid cardstock, die cuts, handcutting (turquose flowers), washi tape, leaves, paint, cirkles, metal
Testimony: Documented about my creative hobby, handwriting, word: beginnings

And som closer views with clues.
Evidence: Handcutted flowers, leaves, washi tape, 

Evidence: Paint, circles, metal, 

I like to do layers.

The testimony was handwritten and was about how I started scrapbooking. I first met a girl on a smaller stamp exhibition who invited me and a friend to a scrap meeting. I was creating cards by that time 2003, but really liked the scrap album idea and started after that. The same girl that invited me, I met later when I started to join scrap training for this girl (Therese). And I have participated in many! The only thing I found less good was that I could just use ONE photo per page, I wanted more. So when the Project Life came to my knowledge, I felt really "home" so I combine that with scrap book layouts. And nowadays I write more stories around the photo/photos. 
I also love scrap meetings, and these photos are from a scrap meeting where we made mini albums at "Sirap-i-Paris", that unfortunately had to close their webshop/business just recently (in May 2018). The best event every year is the biggest scrap meeting in Sweden (1-2000 participants) that also includes exhibition of scrap booking, planner, knitting, pearls. This is what I look forward to every year. 

Thanks for watching! 

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