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måndag 11 februari 2019

CSI No. 272 - a winter LO

I love the challenges from CSI to wake up my fantasy, and this time it was case file 272 that I wanted to scrap - to my January month in my Project Life album.

As we have had a lovely snowy winter I wanted to document that, and found this nice picture of my dog and his friend playing in the snow. I wanted to keep the whole LO as white and "snow like" as possible - that's why it's so white and CAS .

Moodboard 272:

Testimony: Document winter

The scene: I used all colors but very little of the non white colors

Evidence:  Dots on a transparent paper behind the photo, winter elements, animals, string, mist, metal, cut file

Here are some closer view of my evidences:

Dots (transparent paper), string, Metallic, winter elements, dog and bird

Mist with extra glitter glue on the top, metallic brad, cut file ("season")

Winter element: snow flakes, Swedish snowing song "yeah see it's snowing, yeah see it's snowing, wasn't it funny, hurray!"

Animals (puffy stickers) and you can even see a carrot (one of the evidence). 

More winter elements

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Thanks for watching!

lördag 9 februari 2019

Veckans skiss #227

Det var så länge sen jag följde veckans skiss - så nu var det dags! Ett titelkort till mitt PL-album fick det bli.

Som ni ser har jag tolkat skissen efter en 90-graders vändning. Jag har gjort ett enkelt kort och använt sponsrat papper från Papirdesign och sen min Silhouette för titeln. Sen är det pynt  jag hittat i mina gömmor.
Här är skissen jag följt :

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