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söndag 22 juli 2018

CSI challenge #258

Hi, more scrapping - a paus in the hot summer.
I have scrapped a LO for CSI challenge 258 (see link). 

Here is my LO: 

And here is how I solved the case, see the inspiration picture:

Colors: All colors included

Stripes, Beach/nautical elements, lobster, glasses, circles, wet medium, elements from the scene: ice cream, shell, beach ball, towel

Add journaling on stripes

Here some more pictures with a closer view of my evidence:

Above: lobster, circles, wet medium when I used the nice stencil I won from "Scrapmatts", see the link to the same stencil.

Above: Circle, stripes, nautic elements on paper

Above: Beach element, circles, ice cream

Above: Nautic element, a piece of a shell (left down corner)

Above: My testimony on stripes and here are the translation:

"I'm so happy when I manage to collect my 4 boys, 
yes Billy is also counted in as well! (a dog)
It's not so easy to attract the sons to come
to summer house, but ONE thing attract them: the boat!
I mean Joel's own renovated boat. So surprised we became
when suddenly Joel, Raheb and Markus appeared
an early morning by car - the were going to take a boat trip!"

Thanks for watching, 
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/Gunilla R

lördag 21 juli 2018

CSI #257

Swedish summer - I love it (if it's not too cold)!
I scrapped a LO in the form of PL as the CSI 257 had this design in the mood board. See link:

Here is my ”PL-LO” :

I chosed to follow the traditional way of CSI.

The sheme: almost all colors are included, but the pink is more cerise

Evidence: Floral pattern, stripes, wood, flowers, leaves, pineapple, lemon, banner, clouds, glasses, quadrant design, black & white pattern, string, tiny brads

Testimony: documenting summer (see end of blog)

Some closer looks of my evidence and testimony (in the end):

Above you see: cloud, banner, lime

Above you see: string, cloud, wood,  flower, tiny brads (in the middle of the black & white flowers) black & white pattern, flower

Above you see: wood, leaves, flowers, banner, string

Above you see: pineapple, leave, part of my quadrant layout of my photos and journaling.

Finally the testimony:
My testimony was written on lemon- paper with more pineapples, wood and string in the top left corner + stripes on a paper behind.

The journaling translated from Swedish to English says:

A sucessful Swedish summer includes both sun and rain, as this weekend. But also small, spontaneous excursions and the summer house, boat fix, nature, be together with family. Thanks to the boat we have, our sons visited us. Water skiing was attracting them to come. But, we missed the visit to my parents summer house in middle of Sweden (Jämtland), I didn't have anyone who wanted to join me. "

Thanks for watching! 

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Gunilla R