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måndag 27 augusti 2018

CSI no #260

Hi, ready for one more CSI challenge no 260 (see link). 
This is my LO:

And this is the mood board that inspired me:

I followed the traditional CSI challenge and solved this:  


evidence: Solid white background (some part), floral pattern (Maja design), stripes, spiral notebook paper, anchor, flowers, leaves, watercolor, gold, string, labels, glitter

Some closer views of my evidence:
Evidence: anchor, gold, flower, label, spiral note book, leaves

Evidence: string, label, anchor, gold, glitter

Evidence: flower pattern, stripes, gold, watercolor

Evidence: glitter flower

testimony: I used the inspiration word bloom, that is important in midsummer eve that we celebrated here, and my flowers I used in the hair as a Swedish tradition

Journaling: I wrote about our yearly tradition to celebrate midsummer eve at either my family or my sisters family, this year 2017 we were at my sisters house. I also told about what we did and always use to do at this day, most eating and talking. And then I talked about the tradition we have in Sweden to have a wreath of flower in the hair, but I just used some few flowers in fabric into my hair. Then I also wrote about the strange thing; that the weather this day use to be rainy or cold in Sweden, but this day was rather sunny - and we enjoyed it so much - this is important as we always force us self to sit outside to eat on midsummer eve (although the weather is bad!) and this is also a Swedish tradition.  

Some background paper are from Maja design, that I won from CSI challenge last year. The other papers I don't remember for the moments, the stamps I bought recently from someone who sold them privately.

Thanks for watching and welcome to instagram: gunilla_pysslar


måndag 13 augusti 2018

CSI challenge #259

Hi and time for a new CSI challenge, no 259 (see link):

Here is my LO :

And here is the mood board with colors and elements:
I chosed the traditional way to follow the CSI challenge, and at the same time I did a challenge from the Ali Edwards craft the story- community : to use emballishment I didn't use before. I chosed the speech bubbles and that was perfect in this CSI case.

Because one of the testimony was: put journaling in speech bubbles (from Ali Edwards). And another testimony was to write about a trip. My journaling was about how we took a train trip to Alicante to celebrate my husbands birthday 5 July. I also wrote about my son that felt lonely (as his brothers with friends just went home to Sweden). 

Solid white background, map pattern, speech bubbles, transportation, travel-themed elements, food elements, stamping, cursive font, design your layout as a map

Some closer views: 
travel-themed element, cursive font, map pattern, layout as a map: you see the map sign for railway track : the black line crossed with a lot of small, horizontal lines that goes through all my photos.

food element (Ali Edwards)

stamping, a part of the map symbol for the rail way track

Colors: I used all colors. 

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Thanks for watching! /Gunilla R