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torsdag 31 augusti 2017

CSI No. 236

Time for a new case at CSI (see link).  
I really wanted to document an adventure from last year in Austria.

Here is the LO:

And I followed this case: 

I used the scheme (colors).
I used the evidence: stripes, polka dots, banner, wet medium, bird, animal, twine, buttons, gold.
I used 2 testimony: 
"document an adventure" and  
"hang your journaling from string"

Here are some closer views how I solved this case:

Here you can see that I hanged journaling and banner from a string. You can see my bird (a hen that was walking around at the tables when we had lunch), and buttons.

I like this funny clothespin. 

I had a lot of journaling as you can see.
On the bigger journaling I have documented about the tough trip up to the mountain in Austria. On the smaller tags that was hanging from the string I documented about why we went to Austria (my fathers 75-years birthday), and who I travelled with, when, and where. 

And in the envelope I hided a map of the mountain and on the tag I pasted some other places that we visited during this journey.

Thanks for the look!

måndag 21 augusti 2017

Veckans Skiss #161

Härliga höst med alla rutiner är tillbaks, trots den härliga sommaren! 
Det innebär tillbaks till scrapbooking och Veckans skiss #161 (se länk)

Skissen ser ut så här:

Jag gjorde ett titelkort till mitt PL-album efter den fina skissen. 
Min tolkning blev så här:

Här är lite närbilder från en annan vinkel:


Tack för titten!
Gunilla R

torsdag 10 augusti 2017

CSI no 235

Hi, today I made a LO with a lot of flowers (it was years ago the last time I did), inspirated of the CSI challenge 235 (see link):

Here is the challenge: 

I followed the sketch and the colors. And the evidence I used were:
solid white cardstock background, polka dots, flowers, puffy stickers, bling, wet medium, something plastic, something transparent, eye glasses (see the pictures with a closer view).

The testimony was to write about my girlfriend, and inspiration word: together. (I have a translation below).

Closer views of my evidences:

You can see flowers, plastic and transparent text: "together", polka dots on a transparent grey/white piece of paper.

Flowers on the background paper from Maja design, transparent paper with green polka dots on, transparent stamped cookie (as we were having coffe and cookie on the photo) and bling on the top of the cookie.

Here are more transparent wellumpaper ("today") with flowers on and the eye glasses on plastic paper and bling.

On this picture you also see green puffy stickers, bling, transparent paper with the date (wellum).

And finally my journaling where you see the wellum transparent paper with the stamps: fint besök = nice visit. You can also see my wet medium that is distress oxid that I mixed up with water (really funny to play with).

Here is the translation of the journaling: 

Nice visit
Every year I have summer visit from my child hood girl friend Monica. Before I got kids we met often other times during the year, and sometimes with more girlfriend joining like Titti. But the years go on, sometime a friend disappear but might come back later when life will change. Monica has always been good in keeping contact. I like her positive attitude.  She likes to talk in phone, but I am not so interested of that because of my job that contains a lot of phone calls. This year she came around 1 August and that is the "girl friend day". We shopped and had "fika" (= coffee and cookie) in Barkarby outlet, we went out on a bar and we had sightseeing on the "Halwylska Palace", a museum created of a strong woman. 

Thanks for watching! 

onsdag 2 augusti 2017

Sommarutmaning 2017 hos Veckans Skiss

Såklart jag vill bidra med något till sommarutmaningen hos "Veckans skiss" (se länk).
Skissen, som jag gillade skarpt, ser ut så här: 

Min tolkning ser ut så här, en LO som ska vara försida till en PL-dokumentation över en dag i mitt liv den 20/6:

Lite närbilder :

Älskar de små detaljerna, som det lilla puffy-stickers-hjärtat tex.

Lite washitejp och småtexter .

Jag har använt min silhouette för att klippa ut bokstäver och sen har jag satt transparant papper bakom som jag färglagt från baksidan med tuschpennor i olika färger.

Tack för titten!

Gunilla R