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måndag 13 maj 2019

Veckans skiss #240

Det var evigheter jag gjorde Veckans skiss (se länk), nu blev jag så inspirerad av skissen för denna vecka, så jag tog mig tid innan läggdags.

Det blev en LO till mitt 2017 PL-album  maj, och en sida av årets höjdpunkt scrapträffen i Solna.

På min LO har jag använt Ali Edwards dekorationer, och lite annat jag hittat i gömmorna som matchade.

Här är Cizas skiss som jag följde:

Tack För titten !
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söndag 17 mars 2019

Use rest of chip board letters A,B,C,D... PL

Hi, I wanted to use all the rest of my chip board letters from Ali Edwards story kit, and also the paper I used in December from Papirdesign and rest pieces from Ali Edwards and Studio Calico. So it resulted in some PL-pages and I also blog about this in Project Life in Norge today.

Here is the first intro page for my 2019 album, I documented what I wish from 2019.

These snow stars from Papir design was perfect in a pocket, I like to see through the pocket so I pasted it into a plastic paper, and added some bling I won from Pyssloteket:

Here are the back side of the same snow star, where I also put an other snow star:

And this pocket is on this next page from day A, B, C ... the first week of January. The big chip board letters are from Ali Edwards (Week in the life):

I documented A as "Andas" in Swedish= Breathing, B as "Blowing" we had some kind of serious "stormy weather" that was up on the news in TV and something I wanted to document. C as my friend Cilla that I met on day 3.

Here is some closer veiws of the page. Happy to find this transparent paper with letters in my stash:

And I had the wood vener title "Vinter" from Papirdesign left, perfect for starting up my January pages together with the blue paper from Papir design and a journaling card from Studio Calico:

Next page is a smaller page, as I didn't have so many more photos for this first 6-days week:

But there were one photo too much, so I put an extra pocket there:

And under I have a  photo from a scrap booking project from December Daily, as I was working with that during day 5 ("Egentid" = "Own time"):

Here is a page in the end of the month that I like so much, specially the tree like paper from Papirdesign

And on the other side I had a big photo of our stream where I walk every day and that I hadn't any place for in my December Daily album, so it would be placed in January instead (doesn't matter, it's still winter).

Some more pages with bling in a pocket closed with fuse tool:

And the lovely bird-paper from Papir design:

With inspriation from Ali Edward, I like to sometimes put in more documentation, and this day I documented all questions I got on day "Q".

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måndag 11 mars 2019

Veckans Skiss #231

Nu var det bra länge sen jag gjorde något efter Veckans skiss, jag hoppade in som gäst-designer på CSI challenge och det tog en hel del tid. Här har jag i alla fall gjort ett titelkort till mitt PL-uppslag, och följt skissen:

Jag gillade att skissen hade en enkel layout. 

Jag har bytt PL-kit med en annan tjej i vårt design-team så jag använder hennes kort och pynt här. 
Det är ett kul och billigt sätt att förnya sig.

På en kalender-stickers har jag märkt för de dagar jag dokumenterat, det var en weekend då jag fick besök av min kompis (fullspäckat schema):

Tack för titten!

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måndag 11 februari 2019

CSI No. 272 - a winter LO

I love the challenges from CSI to wake up my fantasy, and this time it was case file 272 that I wanted to scrap - to my January month in my Project Life album.

As we have had a lovely snowy winter I wanted to document that, and found this nice picture of my dog and his friend playing in the snow. I wanted to keep the whole LO as white and "snow like" as possible - that's why it's so white and CAS .

Moodboard 272:

Testimony: Document winter

The scene: I used all colors but very little of the non white colors

Evidence:  Dots on a transparent paper behind the photo, winter elements, animals, string, mist, metal, cut file

Here are some closer view of my evidences:

Dots (transparent paper), string, Metallic, winter elements, dog and bird

Mist with extra glitter glue on the top, metallic brad, cut file ("season")

Winter element: snow flakes, Swedish snowing song "yeah see it's snowing, yeah see it's snowing, wasn't it funny, hurray!"

Animals (puffy stickers) and you can even see a carrot (one of the evidence). 

More winter elements

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lördag 9 februari 2019

Veckans skiss #227

Det var så länge sen jag följde veckans skiss - så nu var det dags! Ett titelkort till mitt PL-album fick det bli.

Som ni ser har jag tolkat skissen efter en 90-graders vändning. Jag har gjort ett enkelt kort och använt sponsrat papper från Papirdesign och sen min Silhouette för titeln. Sen är det pynt  jag hittat i mina gömmor.
Här är skissen jag följt :

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söndag 27 januari 2019

CSI 271

I really liked this idea to use old stash in this special CSI case! So when I saw this picture I was thinking of me as a teenager doing hand crafting called : crochet (similar to knitting). Also the girl picture was like me as young I think:

Here is the case: 

What I followed was:

The scene: the girl remind me as teenager girl doing knitting/crochet and I also followed the colors. The title on this paper was so good - it was perfect timing, as I know write down the text from my teenaging diaries (I have 25 books from when I was 6-25 years old).

Product clues
a) I went to my 10th paper and found this green one. As I thought it was too much green on this I wrote a long documentation with my Silhouett on an old off white 12X12 paper.

b) Used 3 quite new stamps, never used before.

c) I used old forgotten Rubons that I just have used some of, long time ago. 

d) I used old buttons, and red old paper flowers from a border.

Design clues:
a) I created a wreath around the photo. 

b) I added stitching, from a string that I made this bluegreen flower of (made by crochet).

I also think it's funny that I found a heart that looked like a knitting material:

Thanks for watching! 
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