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fredag 30 november 2018

CSI No 266

Hi, here is my LO where I followed the Classic way for CSI No 266 (see link).

I have used a lot of emballishments from the price I got from "Mystical Scrapbooks".

And here is the inspiration board:

As you see I have lighter colors but  it's similar.

Evidence: Stars, Hearts, Birds, Frames, Clock, Puffy stickers, something unexpected
Testimony: Journaling about what I do everyday + Journaling in a frame

Closer views:

Unexpected robot, but you can see a Clock in it and it can represent my son that really likes to play computer games. 

I have put the frames in different levels or dimensions with small 3d-pads.

In the journaling in the frames I just talked about what I do every day from morning to evening, and then I put photos that fit in to the journaling.

"Breakfast, walk the dog, taking the bike to job, bike back home to walk the dog, egg-lunch, job, afternoon coffee, dinner to whole family, practice car driving with son, chill, walk the dog with my husband late in the evening"

Thanks for watching!
Gunilla R

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onsdag 21 november 2018

Veckans Skiss #218

Den här veckan gjorde jag ett titelkort till en kommande dag för mitt December Daily-album, 9 dec. Jag följde veckans skiss (Se länk).
Så här blev min tolkning:

och jag följde Cizas fina skiss:

Tack för titten!

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måndag 5 november 2018

Veckans Skiss #215

Det känns så länge sen som jag tagit mig tid för att scrappa, men nu ett titelkort i mitt PL-album efter veckans skiss (se länk).

Här är min tolkning, i form av stämplar, glitter och stickers:

Här är skissen av Jenny:

Tack för titten!
Gunilla R (gunilla_pysslar)

CSI No 265

Hi, I loved the colors and inspiration from CSI no 265 so I started during this weekend to create a LO by using a lot of stuff I had waiting for me.
Here is the result:

And here is the inspiration picture:

I followed the traditional way of CSI and had:

All colors.

These evidence:
Checker pattern (I think), Frames, Flower, Animal, Label, Puffy Stickers, Something shiny, gold

This testimony: Write a 6-word memoir (for the first time) and frame the journaling

Here are some closer views:

Puffy sticker, Labels, Animal, Frames, Gold dots

Some shiny, Flower, Gold dots, checker pattern (not really I understand now after some googling, it should be like chess pattern to be correct)

More gold details (on paper and frames)

My 6 word memoir - journaling AND frame around the journaling.

Thanks for watching!
Gunilla R
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lördag 27 oktober 2018

CSI No 264

I am doing my PL-album and mix the photos with some LO. Now I have come to November 2017 in my album and wanted to make something of my playing interest (organ). As one of the theme in CSI (see link)  was about books, I chosed to write about the chorale (hymn) book (Swedish: psalm book).

Here is the LO, a mix of old things and new for example Maja design paper:

And here is the inspiration picture from CSI:

I chosed the traditional CSI, as it really help my fantasy to bloom, so here are the clues:

All colors

Evidence: text print, metal, animal, fabric (felt), jar, puffy stickers, ink the edges, lots of layers

Testimony: Write about book

Here are some closer views:

Animal of felt, a lot of layers.

Metal, text print, inked edges, lot of layers

Animal. I have added extra numbers and music washi tape - because the LO is about the chorale book that has one number per chorale.

Jar, puffy stickers, felt flower, documentation of the hymn book. Here I chosed my top 3 hymns from the book: 199, 122, 386. You can also see the calender with November, where I made 2 circles for the dates I was playing. 

If I translate the journaling: 
When I graduated from the cantor (organist) exam, we should be able to sing right away avista from the chorale book, so I and my friend Charlotte sang all 694 hymns out in the sunshine with a flute as help. Playing the organ to the chorales is the main music element i a church service. I have been a temporary employee for the German church (before 1999) and now in Rissne church, where there are many musical members, and sometimes you get comp from both bass and drums. I have played many instruments, but to play church organ is by far the most difficult thing!
I have many favorite psalms: the summer psalm: "The flower time now comes" (199), the advent psalm: "The day is coming" (122) and the baptismal psalm "Up of wild deep water" (386). 

Thanks for watching and welcome to follow me on instagram (gunilla_pysslar).
Gunilla R

måndag 15 oktober 2018

Veckans Skiss #212

Den här Veckans Skiss handlade om att skriva om en person (se länk).
Jag beslöt mig för att dokumentera mig själv, eftersom ingen annan i familjen är intresserad att bli vare sig fotograferad eller dokumenterad - ärligt talat är de rätt trött på mitt fotande.

Här är min LO:

Här är skissen:

Och så lite närbilder:

Tack för titten och välkommen även till gunilla_pysslar på instagram!

Gunilla R

måndag 8 oktober 2018

Veckans Skiss #211

Så bra skiss den här veckan hos "Veckans Skiss" (se länk), perfekt för ett PL titelkort.

Och så här ser skissen ut som jag följde:
Tack för titten!

Gunilla R
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fredag 5 oktober 2018

CSI No 263

October is here, and CSI  challenge for October is here...so let's play with my small mini photos from October 2017. See the CSI challenge in this link. 

I got inspirated of the grids and followed CSI traditional way to create the LO (colors, evidence, testimony). So here is my collage with the photos of the 15 first days in October 2017, I joined a group of people in PLin Norway in a project last year: to take a photo of an autumn word every day.
It's 2X2 photos and then I found a lot of autumn pictures on a cardstock, that I added:

I followed some of the CSI's colors, but I think I 
missed the yellow and grey one and added the redbrown.

I chosed these evidence:
Leaves, fruit, fall-themed elements, Numbers (in the photos you see number 1 to 15), animal, definitely : grid design (!)

I chosed this testimony:
put your journaling in a frame (a very small one though) and inspirated of the word "season" (autumn)
The journaling translated: "In PLIN (PL in Norway community), we inspirated all to take a photo of an autumn word each day in October. Here are the 15 first days. "

Some closer view of my LO:

Some of the things pop up a little, as you see above. 

And I also used 3 layers on one place (see above), I like to have the extra dimension. 
Above you can see that the 1st photo to the left was the word "autumn" so I took a picture of some nice colored trees, the  2nd days word was "inspiration" - I was inspirated of "Ali Edwards" web page this day. 

To make a grid like this is something I wanted to do for a long time, and today - it was a perfect opportunity to do that! The small October photos were just waiting for me.

Thanks for watching!
Gunilla R (@gunilla_pysslar)

fredag 28 september 2018

Veckans skiss #210

Äntligen tog jag mig lite tid till Veckans skiss (se länk), och gjorde ett titelkort till mitt PL-uppslag för en vecka.

Här är min LO: 
Jag har valt liggande "strålar" istället för diagonala som var i skissen (se nedan):

Här syns att jag gjort en extra dimension så att 24 poppar upp lite extra.
Jag har använt Malins stämplar på både "Vecka" och "24".

En liten fin knapp som jag fått från "Sirap i Paris", en webbutik som jag saknar så mycket!

Hälsn Gunilla
(gunilla_pysslar på instagram)

CSI No #262

When I saw that the CSI-challenge would be about animals (see link), I decided that I really must take some time to sit down and scrap about our lovely dog! The middle point in the family. Here is the LO:

I used all colors.

I used these evidence: floral print, stripes, dots, animals, flowers, leaves, hearts, layered stickers 

I used this testimony: write about our pet, and inspiration words used in the journaling: happy and darling

The inspiration picture from CSI is this lovely page:

Here are some evidences on a closer view:
Layered stickers, animals, flowers, dots, stripes

Animals, hearts, floral print, stripes, dots, flower. "Gullig" is the same as qute.

Flowers, leaves, layered stickers, animals, dots

Hearts, animals


Testimony: I tried quite a new idea of the journaling. As I like matemathic I made the title as a formula of our dog Billy. And then I used the footnote sign 1 and 2 above happiness and love and put that as journaling in the bottom part of the LO. (People who remember math formulas, might remember that the 2 above love could mean the square exponent, which I think really fits in well for "love".)


1 Happiness: 
Billy give us so much joy and happiness. I am so happy to see the boys coming out from their sedantary activities (computer/ipad/phone) and starting to play with Billy. It could be to run in the garden or train tricks with treats. He not only give us happiness, but also new friends, who also have dogs. I become so happy to see BIlly play with other dogs, so much joy they have!

2 Love
Billy give us so much love. I never thought that such a shabby creature could make you so warm and in love - and get us all feeling so loved back. It's so relaxing to lay down and just have a cosy time in the evening, when he just layed down to rest. Everyone in the family would like to spend a little cosy time each, with Billy.

Thanks for watching!
Gunilla R
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fredag 14 september 2018

Veckans Skiss #208

Jag skulle fixa ett kort jättesnabbt, och fick hjälp med fantasin att följa Veckans Skiss no 208 (se länk). Här är mitt kort:

Jag har följt den här skissen: 

Tack för titten, lika snabbt som kortet var fixat - lika snabbt var mitt bloggande!

Gunilla R (gunilla_pysslar på instagram)

söndag 9 september 2018

Veckans Skiss #207

Hej, länge sen sist, men nu är det dags.
Jag följde "Veckans Skiss" (se länk) på en av mina sidor i mitt hel nya projekt som jag inte testat förut, nämligen "TN" (Traveller Notebook). Den kommer innehålla ca 9 listor som jag besvarat.

Här är den sida där jag inspirerades av Mahlins skiss:

Så här ser mitt uppslag ut:

Närbild på ett antal hexagoner:

Tack för titten! 

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Gunilla R

tisdag 4 september 2018

CSI challenge no #261

Hi, I wanted to challenge myself in the funny CSI challenge no 261 (see link) and do a quite different LO in format 6X8 this time, and it was to tell my story about tech - with material from Ali Edwards.

Here is my LO:

And here is the mood board:

This time I didn' got so many evidence as I use to, I focused on the story. I am working as tech sales so the title tech was really good. But as I'm new at current job, I learn a lot and some days ago made a technical test and this test result I have hidden into the envelope (one of the testimonies in CSI challenge).

So how did I solve the case?

Colors: I think I caught some of the colors. 

Solid white background, clips, envelope, hand-drawn elements, keys, 

    I wrote about my role as tech sales and how I now build up training material and lessons (=the inspiration word). I also wrote about my learning of my new job  and the certification I did last week. Then I did another testimony idea and put the journaling about the test score result from the certifiacation into the envelope.  

    Here are some closer views of the evidence: 

    The envelope and a clip.

    If I open the envelope I can find my certification test score result.

    Handdrawn frames and small lines and the journaling on a handwritten "like" "mobile phone"- note paper (from Ali Edwards). 

    I think you could say that you can see some keys on this picture. Not sure what key is, but thought about keys on the keyboard and on the phone. 

    So funny emballishment from the story kit about tech.

    Thanks for watching and welcome into instagram: gunilla_pysslar