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fredag 30 november 2018

CSI No 266

Hi, here is my LO where I followed the Classic way for CSI No 266 (see link).

I have used a lot of emballishments from the price I got from "Mystical Scrapbooks".

And here is the inspiration board:

As you see I have lighter colors but  it's similar.

Evidence: Stars, Hearts, Birds, Frames, Clock, Puffy stickers, something unexpected
Testimony: Journaling about what I do everyday + Journaling in a frame

Closer views:

Unexpected robot, but you can see a Clock in it and it can represent my son that really likes to play computer games. 

I have put the frames in different levels or dimensions with small 3d-pads.

In the journaling in the frames I just talked about what I do every day from morning to evening, and then I put photos that fit in to the journaling.

"Breakfast, walk the dog, taking the bike to job, bike back home to walk the dog, egg-lunch, job, afternoon coffee, dinner to whole family, practice car driving with son, chill, walk the dog with my husband late in the evening"

Thanks for watching!
Gunilla R

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onsdag 21 november 2018

Veckans Skiss #218

Den här veckan gjorde jag ett titelkort till en kommande dag för mitt December Daily-album, 9 dec. Jag följde veckans skiss (Se länk).
Så här blev min tolkning:

och jag följde Cizas fina skiss:

Tack för titten!

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måndag 5 november 2018

Veckans Skiss #215

Det känns så länge sen som jag tagit mig tid för att scrappa, men nu ett titelkort i mitt PL-album efter veckans skiss (se länk).

Här är min tolkning, i form av stämplar, glitter och stickers:

Här är skissen av Jenny:

Tack för titten!
Gunilla R (gunilla_pysslar)

CSI No 265

Hi, I loved the colors and inspiration from CSI no 265 so I started during this weekend to create a LO by using a lot of stuff I had waiting for me.
Here is the result:

And here is the inspiration picture:

I followed the traditional way of CSI and had:

All colors.

These evidence:
Checker pattern (I think), Frames, Flower, Animal, Label, Puffy Stickers, Something shiny, gold

This testimony: Write a 6-word memoir (for the first time) and frame the journaling

Here are some closer views:

Puffy sticker, Labels, Animal, Frames, Gold dots

Some shiny, Flower, Gold dots, checker pattern (not really I understand now after some googling, it should be like chess pattern to be correct)

More gold details (on paper and frames)

My 6 word memoir - journaling AND frame around the journaling.

Thanks for watching!
Gunilla R
(Gunilla_pysslar in instagram)