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söndag 27 januari 2019

CSI 271

I really liked this idea to use old stash in this special CSI case! So when I saw this picture I was thinking of me as a teenager doing hand crafting called : crochet (similar to knitting). Also the girl picture was like me as young I think:

Here is the case: 

What I followed was:

The scene: the girl remind me as teenager girl doing knitting/crochet and I also followed the colors. The title on this paper was so good - it was perfect timing, as I know write down the text from my teenaging diaries (I have 25 books from when I was 6-25 years old).

Product clues
a) I went to my 10th paper and found this green one. As I thought it was too much green on this I wrote a long documentation with my Silhouett on an old off white 12X12 paper.

b) Used 3 quite new stamps, never used before.

c) I used old forgotten Rubons that I just have used some of, long time ago. 

d) I used old buttons, and red old paper flowers from a border.

Design clues:
a) I created a wreath around the photo. 

b) I added stitching, from a string that I made this bluegreen flower of (made by crochet).

I also think it's funny that I found a heart that looked like a knitting material:

Thanks for watching! 
(gunilla_pysslar on instagram)