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tisdag 25 juli 2017

CSI no 234

I love summer, and in this LO I present a summer "getaway" called Oringen, that is a 5 days orienteering competition for the whole family. The CSI challenge for July was perfect, see the presentation on the link

My LO:

And the CSI no 234 case: 

I used the colors. 
I used this evidence: Checker pattern, trees, flowers, transportation, animals, something transparent, dashed lines, triangles, plus signs

Here are some closer views on the details:
Transportation (bike), animals, flowers, checker pattern

More animals and you can see my "competitor number" that I used on my clothes all 5 days.
In the bottom of the LO I had papers with plus signs (in gold) and ta turquoise paper with triangles.

A tree and a piece of the map I was using on the competition. The squares you see with orange and white triangles is the "controls" you search for in the nature at orienteering. (see photo below):

Transparent (text: getaway), dashed line, animal, and here you can see the part of my journaling on the turquoise PL-card "Life", 

Here is also a pocket with checker pattern and in the pocket I put my competition results, and the 4 best experiences from the week on a list (one of the testimony things).

I used three points from the testimony list:  
1. Write in the form of a list (see the picture with the list of 4 facts above), 
2. Then I used the testimony: Document a summer getaway
3. And finally in this journaling I used both the words "go" and "nature".

Here is the translation of my getaway journaling:

"Summer getaway - Oringen (Oringen=name of the competition)
A typical summer getaway is the 5-days orienteering every summer - last week in July. To go or run in the nature and at the same time use the brain to focus finding right way on the map, so you don't go too much "getaway" and get lost. A better relax you cannot get and at the same time it's for every ages. The whole family from sister Ylva participated and we shared a house with some youths. After a day orienteering we took the bike home, we washed shoes, hanged around, took a tour somewhere, shopped food,  went through the track on the map with the other. Lunch was something you had at the competition arena. I rent a bike from a private person found on Face book (sell page), maybe it was a little bit too small so it was hard to go up hills. On the evening we had owned cooked dinner in the families it will say, Ylva, myself , Ida and Lukas and then the youths went away (they were 8 in our cottage) so we adults stayed at home and relaxed. Competition day 1 and 2 was in the Swedish mountains - magic! The weather varied between sun to rain and even snow, but why bother when you have so fun and are in such a beautiful nature? This is life!!"

And finally a closer view on my collage photo from these days:

Thanks for watching!

10 kommentarer:

  1. What a fantastic layout. So many photos, such great journaling, the whole layout tells a story. Thanks for joining us at CSI.

  2. Wonderful photos and page. I love how you always include so much journaling in such creative ways. Lots of wonderful, whimsical details to surprise and delight here!

  3. Great page! Thanks for you playing with CSI!

  4. What a wonderful way to put these memories down on paper. You will enjoy looking back on this adventure years down the road.
    I love how you incorporated so many elements that relate to the race; the mountains, the little bicycle, the triangles, the flowers, the map, the tree, and the butterflies...so much to see on this one layout. Great job !

    1. Thanks, yes I really want to have this great memory to get back to!

  5. Sounds like quite the adventure and a lot of fun in the great outdoors. So many elements of your story are visually displayed in your layout, it's really great. So glad you joined us in playing along at CSI.