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torsdag 31 augusti 2017

CSI No. 236

Time for a new case at CSI (see link).  
I really wanted to document an adventure from last year in Austria.

Here is the LO:

And I followed this case: 

I used the scheme (colors).
I used the evidence: stripes, polka dots, banner, wet medium, bird, animal, twine, buttons, gold.
I used 2 testimony: 
"document an adventure" and  
"hang your journaling from string"

Here are some closer views how I solved this case:

Here you can see that I hanged journaling and banner from a string. You can see my bird (a hen that was walking around at the tables when we had lunch), and buttons.

I like this funny clothespin. 

I had a lot of journaling as you can see.
On the bigger journaling I have documented about the tough trip up to the mountain in Austria. On the smaller tags that was hanging from the string I documented about why we went to Austria (my fathers 75-years birthday), and who I travelled with, when, and where. 

And in the envelope I hided a map of the mountain and on the tag I pasted some other places that we visited during this journey.

Thanks for the look!

3 kommentarer:

  1. So many cute details, love your page! Thank you for playing along at CSI

  2. Your page is super fun! I love that chicken, what a fun trip. Great job and thanks for joining us at CSI.

  3. What a beautiful photo and a wonderful page full of interesting details! LOVE your banner and how you used it to include so many details about your trip, like the chicken!