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torsdag 23 februari 2017

CSI 224

So fun to follow the CSI case again and this is no 224 (see link) and here is the description of the challenge: 

This is how I solved the case on my LO :

I used the colors from the scheme.
Evidence: Plain cardstock, clouds, animals, arrow, people icon, enamel dots in form of a tree and a bird
Testimony: an item from the scene (cloud), acrostic poem, mix of lettering (I think?)

Here is some closer view of the cute cloud, that I really love!

And here is more stamped clouds and an enamel bird, below:

And a closer look on some evidence, with a stickers of a "people icon" and a heart with an arrow: 

And I really liked the idea of acrostic poem, see below:

The big letters is swedish word for WANDERING (rather close to English actually) 

So if I translate my poem to English:

The Alps are a
Nature experience!
It was
Intensive uphill, but we
Enjoyed the mountain top.
Like !! 

The cloud stamps is from "Kort&Godt" in Norway.
Everything else on this LO is from "Sirap i Paris", in Sweden.

Thanks for visiting my blogg!

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  1. Gorgeous photo! Love your acrostic poem and all your embellishing. Especially that sweet little puffy cloud!

  2. Love this clean fresh layout! Adore that cute cloud! Your acrostic poem is brilliant!

  3. Love all the clean lines on this layout and those sweet little details just finish this super sweet layout. Thanks for playing along with us at CSI

  4. Cute layout! I really love that embellishment cluster and poem!

  5. Thanks, glad that you liked it!

  6. Thanks for selecting me to the "Watch list"!