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fredag 31 mars 2017

CSI No 226

I loved the colors in this CSI case no 226 (see link) , so I really HAD to do one more LO, even if I didn't have the time actually. But I had to think a lot on the journaling, because I wanted to do it a little bit specially this time. So here is how I solved the case: 

Here is the description of the case: 

I followed the colors, mostly pink and white as you see.

The evidence:
cross-hatch pattern, bow, light bulb, animals, butterfly, bunting/banners, hearts, flowers, tree, plants (on photo), transparant stuff, enamel figures (not dots),

The testimony:

-Write what makes me happpy (see the jouarnaling in the end of this blog), 
-inspiration word in the journaling text: "idea", 
-write a list (one for each letter in H A P P Y (in my own way, one word per card),

Here is my list:
H for "Helgfirande" (= Holiday celebration)
A for "Allihop" (=Together)
P for "Plantera" (=to Plant)
P for "Påskgodis" (=Eastern candies)
Y for "You are my sunshine"


Some closer views of evidence :

Transparant stuff, one of my word in the list is A for "Allihopa" that I have written on my old typing machine directly on the card.

Light bulb, cross-hatch, butterfly

banners, more transparant stuff

Enamel figures, a little bird (animal), tree

Testimony : journaling of what makes me happy during the Eastern. 

Here is the translation of my journaling, where I also includes the HAPPY-words from the cards within my text:

Why do I always have feeling of happiness at Easter?
Partly because the Eastern-celebration after a long winter. Then it's so wonderful to meet everyone! My family and my parents and siblings. The tradition in our home is that we should be searching for Easter eggs (with candies inside the egg), and I hid up one of the eggs in a tree. My own idea is to photograph the place where I hid the egg and then send an sms with the photo to someone. I love sweets and it includes Eastern eggs (specially the dragee eggs candies). I am also happy that the flowers start to come and would like to plant and see how it sprouts in the garden. In addition to the family I am happy to hang out with the dog Billy and his friend Q-tip.

Thanks for reading and watching!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful design to incorporate so many photos and journaling. Love your acrostic and all the sweet details on here!

  2. Thanks for choosing this LO to the Star Witness, I was so happy for that! /Gunilla