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torsdag 30 november 2017

CSI 242

Hi, I'm jus doing my foundations for December Daily album and got inspiration from CSI 242 extra twist.

Here is my LO: 

And I was inspirated from this extra CSI case: 

So I was inspired of the white, light style and the design. 
I have stolen some details as: small paper with journaling, some round element, animal, gold and wood. The text : "thinking"  was inpiring me to write about "how I think and hoping that December will be for me" (see translation below).

Translation of my journaling, how I think of December to be: ""I hope for a time with piece and calm. Then I hope to get together with relatives and friends. I also would like to have time for baking and celebrate christmas traditions."

Material is from my mother, "Panduro", "Sirap i Paris" and "Ali Edwards December Daily kit".

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla R

7 kommentarer:

  1. Så utrolig kul side... Digger stilen din..

  2. I can see you have been inspired by the scene; white, wintery and very structured:-) I really like the squares you made. Reminds me of a calendar, counting the days to Christmas eve. Lovely work:-) Thanks for participating in the December CSI challenge.

  3. Your page is great! Thank you for sharing all your inspirations. I particularly like how the word "thinking" inspired your journaling. Thanks for joining us over at CSI!

  4. Beautiful! Loved reading how you were inspired by the Case File. Love the stitched grid and all the different ways you decorated each square.