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måndag 13 november 2017

December Calender in December Daily

When I showed my page of a calender 2017 on Face Book I got positive reactions, and that made me so happy and a little bit proud so I will describe how I created it here. 

Here is the page:

And here is how I created the cut file in Silhouette.
It's just squares and texts and a long very thin rectangle : as the line between "December 2017" and the days.

You don't need to have "double lined" squares as I have here, it is much simpler to do just simple lined squares - and will give the same result. 

It was a little bit hard to get the distance similar every where, but a tip is to create one square and copy and paste it 6 extra times and put them in a row. 
Then : mark these 7 sqares and choose "group" (right click - group), because it will be easier to copy and paste all 7 squares. 

The font I used in the text is "Lucida Calligraphy".

The square around all is exaktly 6X8 inches, to fit my Ali Edward album for December Daily. 

After cutting it out in the silhouette, I put it a 6X8 plastic pocket.
The small numbers in gold and the small puffy stickers I pasted directly on the plastic pocket. The 31 is in black numbers because the gold was finished. And there is also a meaning with the gold as it is 1st of Advent to 4th of Advent. 

Below is the link to the file on dropbox, if you want to use my template. 
Would be happy if you then can show your result to me?

Thanks for watching!
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Gunilla R

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  1. Svar
    1. Sorry for the double lined square, Tracy. I think you can remove them. In the end the silhouette will cut out small thin frames. I recommend a harder cardstock and the knife nr 4 and double cut.