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lördag 24 mars 2018

CSI challenge No 249

Hi, time for doing a LO to my Project Life album as a summary of March last year, after CSI Challenge (see link).

I documented my everyday walks I do with my dog in lunch time, a nice paus in a sometimes stressful workday.

I really love to solve the CSI case they old way so I did that, and at the some time I got rid of a lot of embellishments! 

And here is the inspiration  picture:

And I followed these clues:
Colors: all
Evidence:  Woodgrain background (very small), textured paper (the cardstock), wood, banner, woodland animals, triangles, signs, metal, arrows, mushrooms, outdoor items, twigs(tiny) and decorative border
Testimony: outdoor memory

And here are some closer views:

Here you see: textured cardstock, outdoor items, animal, wood background ("my pet"), wood, metal 

Here you see: animal (dragonfly, butterfly, rabbit), sign (real life), wood, outdoor items, border. 

The rabbit is so cute! Here is an owl also and a metal flower.

To get a balance I placed the date for the day in the corner, and you can see a little bird there also. (and arrows).

Finally there are more wood, arrows, metal, signs, animal, tiny twigs and mushrooms.

The text translated: "I like our walks, specially when the spring is here and you can enjoy sun and nature that wakes up! Billy and I. "

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla R

4 kommentarer:

  1. Så fin LO med så mycket detaljer. Djur och små kryp överallt.

  2. What a wonderful photo! So many delightful details on here--my favorite is the little moose peeking out from behind the journaling.

    1. Thanks a lot, I wanted the moose somewhere but had problem to figure out where to put it.