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söndag 25 mars 2018

CSI Challenge No 250

A new case for CSI challenge and a new, happy childhood memory!

Here is my LO I created:

And the CSI challenge is linked here, and has this inspiration page:

I followed the old style with following clues:
Colors: all colors but I added yellow
Evidence: sold cardstock, clouds, sun, clock, labels, owl, bird, other animals (ladybirds),  puffy stickers, flowers, hand-drawn element, car, string, tied knot, stamping.

Testimony: A childhood memory

Closer View:
Here above you can see: handwritten flowers, 2 ladybirds (really summer for me), label with the year 1970, a lot of flowers that I cut out from pattern papper. 

Here above you can see a cut owl I got from a friend.

Here above you can see: cloud, bird : puffy stickers, flower, sun

Here above you can see: my handwritten flower, flowers, clock, string, a tied knot (around the clocks upper part).

Here above you can see: some more red details (flowers and ladybird), stamping.

Here above you can see: car (our cousins had that kind of VW bus), a part of my testimony and stamping (remember).

The testimony is a long one about our fantastic summers. My aunt and mother really wanted us and our cousins to meet every summer in my grand parents summer house, and we had a lovely time. The routine to go there every year not just gave us the safe and caring feeling but also a deep friendship to our cousins that still holds. I wrote about what we did together and in the end I told the story about these 2 photos from 1970 (I was 4.5 years old, sitting in blue pyjamas beside my 5 years old coulsine). I remember this so clear, as we were not allowed to be there because it was bed time for us (in north of Sweden it still daylight until 0.00 in the night). We were so happy that nobody has discovered us (not true!!), sitting very quite and listen to my dad, an older cousine and my aunts husband. 

After a while my mother and father started to dance, and I can still hear my grandmother laughing when she is taking these photos. What a clear, happy memory!

(Another puffy heart in the right teal color, binding together the 2 photos). 

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla R (instagram: gunilla_pysslar)

8 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my but this is a stunning layout! I really love the two photos and remembering your childhood is so special. Thanks for playing along at CSI.

  2. Great layers and wonderful memories scrapped!Thank you for joining us at CSI❤

  3. Wonderful layout, with lots of memories on it. Fabulously scrapped and journaled. Isn't it wonderful to have memories of time spent in your childhood with family, especially cousins, you've taken me back to some of my own memories. Thanks for joining us at CSI.

    1. Happy to hear your comment, thanks!

  4. I am so in love with this page! First, the story and those photos! Just love them! And your use of color and all the happy details and those flowers just bursting out from behind the photo! Perfection! This is a perfect example of photos and journaling and color and details working in harmony to tell a story.

    1. Oh, thanks a lot Debbi, that makes me so happy to hear, as these photos means so much to me!