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torsdag 5 april 2018

CSI challenge #251

Hi, here is a LO about when my son got his driving license and bought his dream car (not new, but really nice). I thought that all clouds could represent his dream about a white BMW and the driving license.  I was inspirated from CSI challenge nr 251 (see link).

And here is the inspiration picture.

I love to follow the traditional way of CSI challenge, so this is the clues: 

All colors
Evidence: clouds, other animals, flower, fabric, word stamp
Testimony: text on LO and answer a random question

Here some closer views of my evidences:

Animal, cloud, fabric, flower

Animals, cloud, text directly on the LO (testimony).

Love the letters that is almost transparant, "KÖRKORT" is the same as "DRIVING LICENSE".

My favorite: a cute cloud in plastic that I got as a gift from the webshop "Sirap-i-Paris".

More fabric (flower) below.
Testimony:Text directly on the LO, handwritten: I have answered the question 81 from the "Prompt idea" to choose a random question: "Which car do you have" and I have documented by hand: "The dream of a white BMW got true!"

Thanks for watching!

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Material from: "Sirapiparis": paper is from studio callico, Old stash (fabric) the dog is from my childhood, paper decorations are from the food store in Sweden called "ICA Maxi"

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  1. Wow! That's a nice first car! Love all your happy little clouds--such a perfect symbol for your page!