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torsdag 19 april 2018

CSI no 252

What a perfect timing! I have just started to document the history of my different homes, and then this challenge from CSI came in with the perfect inspiration for me. See the link. 
Here is my LO:

and here is the inspiration picture:

I followed the old style challenge with the different "glues".

The colors: almost all colors.
Evidence: stripes, dots, text pattern, washi tape, metal, hearts
Testimony: doocumentation about my home

Some closer views:

Washi tape, metal, heart, dots (I love the metal "tape thing")

heart, text pattern, dots, stripes

Finally the testimony about my home I grow up in:

The documentation is about what I feel most as my home, and that's where I grew up from 4 years age until I was19 years old , where my mother and father still lives. I told about the reason why I feel this as my home, the security feeling because our parents allways took care of us, and helped us when we had problems. I also told about that we came back to our home also when we moved away to new homes like the student apartment, how nice it was to come home in the weekends and feel safe and eat good food. And then when I got children I came back with them to my old home so they could get the same feeling that I grew up with. 

Thanks for watching! 
(gunilla_pysslar on instagram)

6 kommentarer:

  1. This is the kind of layout that will be so precious to look back on years from now. Kuddos to you for documenting in details what made that house a home. I love how the photo is framed by the title. Simply embellished, not overly fussy...beautiful, meaningful layout. Great job ♥

  2. Fabulous layout, with so much meaningful journaling. I'm so glad you found inspiration from this challenge. Thanks for joining us at CSI.

  3. Wow you did a spectacular job on this layout and I love all the journaling that you did. Thanks for joining us at CSI.

  4. Loved your amazing journaling and the over all look of this page! Thanks for joining us at CSI! <3

  5. Beautiful home and a beautiful page! Just love how you've made your journaling a star of your page. perfect little clusters and a great mix of patterns.

  6. Thanks a lot for all nice comments, that means a lot to me!