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måndag 16 oktober 2017

Storytelling with Ali Edwards

I'm so inspirated! I have just started monthly story telling with Ali Edwards, and also joined her class of story telling for Project Life, really good! I have got so much inspiration and this "time-kit" was perfect for my PL for 2017, that is about taking one photo at a special time every day, and the alarm on the phone reminds me. To get variation I change the time every month. 

In the PL-album I will start the year with this page: 

And I included a pie chart of where I spend my time during the weekdays (Monday-Friday). Isn't that a little bit funny? (Maybe I should mention that I have an education as statistician). 
I'm happy that the category "relax" has got such a lot of time!! (including: scrapping).

Here is another view:
I really like Ali's big watch in wood, but I wanted to repeat the wood and found a camera in my stuff. To repeat the turquoise color from the photo, I put in a dot from Ali's turquoise numbers I added to the kit. 

On the next page (back of the first page above) I will use this LO (also with some stuff from Ali Edwards time kit). 

In the journaling I write about why I do PL and also why and how I should use the different time points every month. It is a way to make it easier to get time doing PL.

Here below is another closer view, where I have used Ali's nice wood circle on text - that really fits into my journaling about making time for doing PL:

I really had to use the little "alarm clock"-stickers as a symbol of the alarm in my phone every day. In my job my colleagues now have learned that when my alarm is going they say "is it time for your daily photo now?".

Thanks for watching!
Gunilla R

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